La Celia was born in the Uco Valley, south of the Tunuyan River, where in 1882 the first Malbec – originally from France – was first planted. With more than 125 years of history, La Celia is the oldest winery in Uco Valley, founded in 1890 when Eugenio Bustos bought a plot of land to build a winery in Mendoza. It was the first winery in the region to plant Malbec from France, which is now Argentina’s most important grape variety. In 2000, La Celia was acquired by the Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group (VSPT Wine Group), a leading company in the wine business in both Chile and Argentina. The winery has been expanded, renovated and equipped with state-of-the-art technology combining classical architecture with modern machinery.
La Celia express a unique terroir in the world with wines that are defined by a strong tradition and legacy. Its elegant and harmonious wines are a reflection of the distinct individuality, a rich history, and committed wine makers ardent about the Uco Valley.

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