Gustav is Finnish vodka crafted by Gustav Distillery, founded in 1852. Gustav distillery is producing high quality spirits, based on arctic herbs that represent original style and taste of this area. The passing on of traditions from generation to generation has long been the key to our success. Arctic weather conditions add their own challenges that necessitate a dash of innovation and humility – and perhaps a stubborn refusal to give up. Every generation has headed into the future with knowledge passed on by those before them. The years have removed the unnecessary from the process towards our goal: Tastes which caress your palate and feeling to embrace all senses – across the full range of our 100% raw Arctic botanical spirits. Today, our distilling process is based on extreme transparency and sustainability. For us, this means that not only the raw materials, production facilities, logistics and partners we use are following an ethical code, but it also dictates that we take 100% responsibility for the taste and feeling you experience with our products.

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  • Balmerk Lithuania
    Mėnulio g. 7-101
    LT-04326 Vilnius

  • +370 5 2329094


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