The story of the GOSSET family begins over four centuries ago with the first official ancestor of the family line, Jean GOSSET (1484–1556), “Seigneur of Aÿ and Mareuil”. Following in his footsteps, sixteen generations, all born in Aÿ in Champagne, would go on to win fame not only as deputy mayors, mayors, prosecutors, but also in growing and trading the wines of Champagne. Whatever the period, these men and women had a single ambition – to improve their terroir. At the end of the 20th century, the takeover by the Cointreau family and the birth of the CELEBRIS Vintage Cuvées sees GOSSET Champagne enter the highest echelons of the prestigious houses, both in France and abroad. The Cuvées abound in fruity, floral and fresh, velvety and full-bodied sensations. Gosset blends together the best Crus of the Marne district (Grands Crus and Premiers Crus) with a 95% average classification on the official quality scale “échelle des crus”. The quality and style of the GOSSET wines of Champagne, reflecting their expertise, earned the government award “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) in 2013, making it one of only three such Champagne Houses to date. GOSSET wine house doesn’t use malolactic fermentation to produce its wines. This is how the freshness and elegance of the fruit is retained, and how the sharp attack and better expression of aromas is achieved. The method is complemented by cellaring for an average of four years, which gives the champagne roundness and complexity, as well as incredibly fine bubbles.

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