Whiskey House was created in 1897. With over 120 years of history and tradition, this manufacturer masterfully uses its heritage of knowledge to create rich and sophisticated whiskies. The Glen Turner Distillery is located along the Lossie River in Elgin, Speyside’s historic capital. Since 1981 it has been part of the La Martiniquaise group.
GLEN TURNER Single Malts are Scotch Whiskies produced from malted barley in the eponymous distillery in the Highlands. Grains are carefully selected to ensure optimum quality. The barley is malted, dried, crushed and mashed to release the sugars that will be fermented through the addition of yeast. The liquid produced is then distilled in pot stills and left to mature in the distillery’s warehouses. GLEN TURNER Heritage benefits from a double maturation, first in bourbon casks, then in port casks, whilst GLEN TURNER Malt Legend is matured for 12 long years entirely in bourbon casks.

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