The Don Simon juice brand was first launched in Spain in 1982. Since then it has grown to become Spain´s number one juice brand and now the company sell Don Simon Fruit Juice globally.
Being Spain’s number 1 juice brand, Don Simon know a fair amount about what makes good juice. To create Don Simon fruit juices is using only the very best quality fruits.
Oranges are grown near to the delightful town of Huelva in Southern Spain on own groves. It is there, surrounded by fresh juicy orange groves, that oranges just picked from the tree are squeezed in 24 hours. As well as the 15,000 hectares of own orange groves, the company of the brand also help the local economy by buying local farmers produce as well, which benefits everyone.
Yes, Don Simon juice is pasteurize, but only once to ensure it is safe. With flash pasteurization, the aromas, vitamins and minerals are perfectly preserved. The benefit to that is, fruit juices can be kept for a few weeks in the refrigerator without having to add preservatives and most importantly without losing flavour and taste! This is different to most other chilled juices on the market.

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