Masserie, origin of Codici (Code), is a wild land with unique cultural codes. This brand derives its passion from the cultural codes of the wild and unique land of Puglia. This region is abundant in a rich past told by some of Europe’s finest architecture as displayed by the baroque Splendour of Lecce, vibrant folklore tales, and an endless array of diverse cultures. Puglia’s rich countryside have been a fundamental source for it’s beautiful wines, food, and culture. Our grapes are purchased and selected based on strict quality standards by our top oenologists. Manduria, Puglia | Primitivo di Manduria DOC This is one of the most fertile and ancient lands which sits between the three provinces of Taranto, Lecce, and Brindisi. This is a place once known for nobility and palaces, and today the nobility comes in the form of grapes. Primitivo paints the landscape with rows after rows of vines. Salice Salentino DOC The Salice Salentino region is named for the Salento Peninsula located on the backside of the heel of Italy’s famous boot. This is where the Negroamaro grape gets it’s roots – this grape boasts dark plum and baked raspberries.

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